Rise of the Manticore's End

Sometimes Anger Management Fails, and Someone Loses Their Head

Tristian's Goodbye

The two groups found themselves a brief respite in the city of Toran. Drinks and stories were shared of the time apart from one another's company. But the revelry was short lived as whispering was heard, and suddenly unbridled rage overtook some of the group members. 

Lerissa, Jorn, and Manchester used their time off to try and earn some extra gold, following a tip Manchester had heard. The task proved to no avail, and the three returned to tavern they frequent to seek their friends. 

While passing by a window of the tavern, Jorn noticed that several members of both groups had their weapons drawn on one another, and cloaked figure making a fast retreat from the area.

Lerissa was tasked with apprehending the cloaked figure, aided by members of the group, that figured it would be better for them to be outside the tavern, till the hostilities ceased. The mysterious stranger's escape was short lived as in mid stride he fell face first into the dirt, unconscious, thanks to a Sleep spell Lerissa was able to cast. Upon capturing her quarry, Lerissa manifested a tiny pair of manacles that  were promptly placed the stranger's "fingers". The Kenku Monk, Ojutai, told Lerissa, in Lerissa's voice of all things, that he needed to take the body. Lerissa warily obliged the bird in his request, after Aarn (sorry Chris if I mispelled your PC's name), and Zavok vouched for him. 

Meanwhile Manchester, and Jorn entered the tavern to try and sort their companions out. Manchester was able to pull Shadow from the fray, but received several stabs from  the Tabaxi's rapier, and dagger as thanks. Jorn responded with two icy strike from his morning star, sending the feline rogue to the floor. Tristan gripped sheer madness, cut down the Wood Elf, Aary and, set his sights on Manchester, who was trying to use his abilities to stop the large fighter from hurting others. Malleous squared himself off with Tristian, seemingly guided by more than the rage that had taken over the others. The Half Orc kept swinging, but could not seem to connect. Manchester summoned a Wild Boar to serve as a distraction, that seemed to only work on Malleous, but bought others time assess the situation, even though it was brief, as Malleous made quick work of the boar. 

By this time the others had returned with the cloaked figure, and upon depositing him outside the tavern door, realized he was dead. While accusations we flying between Lerissa, and Ojutai on how their quarry died on the way back to the tavern. Zavok entered the tavern to aide the others. His mission was cut short as Tristan, leaped across the room, and cut the monk down in a fiery blast. Jorn tried to engage his fellow fighter, but his strikes seemed to miss the mark. Tristian seemed to grown larger, and his strikes seemed to hit harder.  Eventually Jorn could not stand against the fighter's might, and fell as well. 

Malleous set with murderous intent rushed again toward the giant human, as he stepped out of the tavern, seeking Manchester to be his next victim. Lerissa managed to stop the human from harming the wizard, but the Half Orc was not satisfied with having Tristian simply unconscious. The Half Orc raised his hammer axe, cutting off the human's head, and then cutting the head in half again. Upon Tristian death, a bright white energy seemed to shoot out of the body dissipating in the heavens. Despite this Malleous kept attacking the corpse, and Lerissa struck a blow that ended the orcish rage. 

The end of the battle not only saw Tristian dead, but revealed that Zavok, and Jorn had breathed their last. While the party sought clerics to return two of the fallen to them, they feared that since they could not guarantee that whatever entity that had been within Tristian would not come back with him, that the fighter would not return to the material plain. 

The group now seeks to recover from the ordeal. Short a member, some sought quiet solace, mementos of the fallen, and most importantly, answers. 


SamOwens Jorn_Flintshade_II

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