Rise of the Manticore's End

Animus of the Dead, Two Sides of the Same Coin

Someone Expects The Toran Inquisition

The morning found our heroes still recovering from the events that cost Tristian his life. With the Dented Mug being "renovated", the group had found other means of rest. The morning brought strange and interesting events for the group. 

Manchester had a vision of fire, destruction, and hellish screaming, when he tried to study a necklace he had gained from the Medusa's lair. 

Larissa's new dagger contains a presence that revealed its existence to only her, with an infernal growl, and a cry of thirsting. 

Shadow, Manchester, Larissa, and Jorn had a chance encounter with Peter, a wizarding apprentice that had been tasked with casting a spell upon the members, by none other than the deceased Tristian, in hopes the members would dispatch each other. After some awkward questioning, threats of death, Peter was set free, not before some illusionary dismemberment, to the apprentice wizard's distress. 

Zavok was introduced to the human monk, Oak, who was tasked by a forest spirit to gift the tiefling, a ring that promised to improve his skill. Also he received a strange letter, simply titled "Zavok, and Friends". The author wanted to meet with the group, but had not clarified when or where. 

The group was trying to decipher the meaning of the letter, when a halfling, named "Tom" seemed to appear in their midsts. Tom happened to be a traveling minstrel, and fan of the group, and he brought news. In Toran, an ambassador was seeking an audience with them. Tom also suggested that the group should possibly decide on a name to call themselves before this meeting. The heroes spent some time before deciding upon their official name. 

As if he knew, Tom appeared once more, with even more interesting news. A second ambassador was in Toran, seeking an audience with them as well. With no other pressing matters, the group went to the Flying Monkey to meet these ambassadors. The group arrived in time to defuse a brawl breaking out between the two ambassadors, and their guards. It seemed the ambassadors were on opposite sides of the same dispute. 

The ambassadors were both from the south of Toran. Lord Tyran, represented Siren's Binding a port city of a vast city state, while Lady Sarah was from North of The Crossing, a fledgling union of river villages, and mountain settlements. 

Apparently there was a dispute of who had legal claim to the land considered to be North of The Crossing. According to Lady Sarah, for a century and a half, the people of North of The Crossing, have been self reliant, and self governing, and view themselves as an independent nation.

However Lord Tyran says the land North of The Crossing belongs to Siren's Binding because of a claim of ownership from a long deceased sovereign, and can now be integrated with Siren's Binding, because the empire can economically handle the influx of new citizens, and would be a boon to the empire, and the people in the north. 

Neither ambassador wanted to reveal the quest they had for the newly named Toran Inquisition, so private meetings were arranged. If a diplomatic solution cannot be reached, our heroes will be forced to choose a side, and only history will reveal if that choice was the right one.


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