Rise of the Manticore's End

Split Loyalties

Here's what went down today.

The party moved forward with their current goal, evict the whatsits from the one place for the other dude. You may wonder, "Hey man, if you're going to fight a Medusa, what should your first step be?" I'll tell you what, if you follow the group's example the first and maybe most important step is to make a kick-ass team mantra. Although a piece of advice would be to not use "Yes to life!" there's just something weird and anti-abortiony to it, makes you sound like you're protesting something.

Next step in fighting a Medusa, find the damn thing. The party moved forward and the tunnel narrowed, but no Medusa. Next they found a flight of stairs descending into the abyss, in fact the aesthetic significance of this area was so high it is almost like the omnipotent force had something else planned for it but changed it's mind as the last second. Yet still, no Medusa. After the stairs they cam upon a ledge set into the inner wall of the mountain. This place was just one huge mess, someone had dropped their broken pillars and stonework all over this place and really just needed to clean it up, honestly it's safety hazard. Come to think of it, that stairway should have railing, these guys easily could have just fell right off into the abyss. Before they evict the Medusa they should really send them to an OSHA training about workplace safety as this cave is not up to code.

After the ledge, they entered a very large room, it's hard to detail the size of the room but this room was way cooler than the rest of the cave. Not only because it had a bad-ass fountain and the best water you have ever heard of, but above the fountain guess what there was. A damn skylight! Like, how cool is that! They soon had to ignore the cool as they had found the Medusa.

After a short chat with her and her beautiful gorgeousness, they party was all like "Shit she's attacking, oh god oh god oh god, please help us!" For a short spurt it almost seemed as though this god they were talking to turned into a six year old girl who wanted the Medusa to attack H.P. but didn't want to roll.

The fight went on for quite some time, party members were all like "oh no I'm freezing this sucks!" and "oh wait never mind I'm OK" and Tristan was all like "Guys I'm just gonna look at her." then he was like "oh that's why we avert our eyes." Then Zovak, Jorn, and Lerissa are all like "Oh snap we're actually turning to stone, this is rather inconvenient!" Then H.P. was all like "Nuhuh, not I'm my watch!" and mumbled words from his scroll of nope and shooed that stone stuff right out of existence. 

Finally Shadow, sick of this entire ordeal, ran the Medusa through using her rapier. In anger, Shadow began rage stabbing the body with her rapier and shouting "Take that Arry! Can't take this kill!" Meanwhile Jorn was laying on the ground like, "Bro i'm dying please help."

They took a short rest, looted what they could find and moved on through the tunnel on the other side of the cave. As they continued they soon saw a light…at the end of the tunnel. As they approached what they perceived to be the cave exit, they were suddenly in a familiar looking shop with a small and wildly entertained gnome. After purchasing some some potions and other such things the group then proceeded to bicker just outside of the cave.

As the argument wound down, H.P. looked to the sky and saw shapes circling the peak of the mountain.


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