Rise of the Manticore's End

Rising Aggressions

The company becomes aware of creatures in the sky, viewing them as some foreboding omen. They move to continue their mission. Returning to the other side of the mountain they begin to make camp. H.P. quickly interrupts any talk of setting up watches and takes ten minutes to cast H.P.'s Hidey Hotbed (I think that's what you called it, let me know), and walls of pink force spring up and surround the party, protecting them for the night.

Their next day of travel was disrupted by an onslaught of orcs. Although they weren't particularly hard to kill, there were a lot of them. The rest of their travel went unimpeded.

When they returned to Toran they found it buzzing with activity. The people of the town had energy, there were a lot of people in town. A good number of buildings in town looked restored and it seemed as though Toran's rough stage was at an end.

Reporting to Skree in his office, the group got some disturbing news. Skree believes that an ancient evil is awakening, an evil that the world hasn't seen for centuries. While Skree attempts to discern the nature of this evil, he gives the party another mission. In local regions orc raids are becoming more and more frequent and their hordes seem to be getting larger. It is an issue of growing concern that needs to be dealt with.

After getting their new mission they found out the reason for the town's excitement, the wizard that supplies the magic shop is in town. The wizard is loved by the townsfolk, not only does he supply magic, but whenever he visits he puts on shows for the public and is basically a one man carnival for the day. H.P., enthralled by the prospect of acquiring more magic runs off to the magic shop and the party follows (Tristan however heads to the smithy to inquire about some heavier armor). After some general shopping at the magic shop, the wizard emerges from the back room. 

Standing about 6' tall, the wizard wears elegant green robes and a very fancy green top hat. His smiles goes from ear to ear and his eyes seem full of energy. Oh, I almost forgot, he is also quite clearly a gnome on stilts also wearing a pair of glasses with a fake nose attached. The party recognizes the gnome as the peddler Venzor, an eccentric gnome with shops in odd places.

After some talking, some donkey…caretaking, and some drinking the party went to sleep, resting before their next mission.


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