Rise of the Manticore's End

The Aftermath

Jorn, Flint, and Wolf began the adventure today by setting out into the woods above to collect food and water so that they wouldn't have to spend rations.

Returning to the tomb, our mercenaries decided to discover the contents of the sarcophagi. The first one revealed the body of a human warrior so well preserved it was as though the man lay there sleeping as opposed to dead but upon touch he fell to ash leaving his coffin barren. When they opened the next coffin they got an unwelcome surprise as a skeleton warrior stood and attacked. While they were preoccupied with this skeleton, another one emerged from the two remaining coffins and ran Jorn through, leaving him on the ground bleeding out. The party quickly dealt with the remaining warrior and stabilized their fallen friend.

Before they continued deeper into the monster infested cavern, they needed to rest and recover their strength. H.P. and Wolf spent more time above ground in the woods gathering supplies while Flint watched over an unconscious Jorn and tending to his sundered armor. When H.P. and Wolf returned they set up watches and recuperated.

The choice of three doors, two perfectly silent, and one carried the growls of great beasts and the deep, ominous chant of unheard tongue. Quite unnerved by that last one, they went through a quiet one.

The room was empty and only upon H.P. casting detect magic did they discover that the there was a lot of magic through the noisy door, but also some magic runes in this room. H.P. attempted to figure out what the runes meant but was unable to fully discern their purpose.

Growing impatient, they burst through the next door to find the source of the growls and chanting. Yet they found nothing. As they entered the room, they were surrounded by the noise yet they didn't seem to be affected by the magic they found in the room.

They set up in front of the next room, everyone at weapons ready. Wolf raised his sledge and began beating the door down. First hit bounced off the door, the second destroyed it. 

Waiting upon a mound of thousands of coins was a young but large black dragon. Fresh acid dripped from long teeth, its wings and neck spines raised, its eyes intent on the those who just broke its door. Its laugh penetrated the silence.

The dragon spat acid and clawed and bit at the wavering warriors as they were getting beaten and thrown about. It charged through their ranks attempting to reach the soft wizard in the back ranks. Thanks to a hit from H.P. and a lucky strike from Wolf, they were able to drive the dragon away and claim its hoard.

They began to backtrack their path, checking out paths they had not tread. The kobolds and skeletal dogs were nothing compared to power of the dragon.

The mercenaries seek and end to their quest wanting nothing more that a safe night back in the village.

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Tutorial Dungeon Pt. 3

Our protagonists, after recovering from their previous efforts, moved deeper into the mountainside.

The first room greeted them with a seemingly endless horde of dire rats, large vicious beasts which came from every corner of the room. The party could barely search the room for a minute lest more rats swarmed in. Out of frustration they began attempting to fill the holes to stem the tide of disease ridden rodents once and for all. Some of them got rather torn up, but they seemed to have sealed the tunnels for now.

Next they found an ominous corridor which parted two ways, the first way found them an unexpected ally, Amakiir the elven ranger. A slight hiccup in the alliance is the fact that Amakiir was a prisoner and stripped of their equipment. The party has lend them some supplies and is wary on Amakiir's expectations when it come to division of wealth…

The second way led them to what appeared to be a dark tomb. Filled with sarcophagi and an evil air, this room intrigued certain members of the party. Flint, their dwarven fighter desperately fought to open several of the sarcophagi, to no avail, his power not strong enough. Several other member sought acquisition of a dagger which lay atop a sickening alter. These attempts were met with a shower of acid, to which the members lost health and resources.

Forgoing their efforts with the tomb, they pushed on further. Going through the next door they were beset upon by a pair of orcs. Apparently both sides were tired or distracted however, the fight was a poor showing of skill for either side taking significantly longer than either side would have hoped. After missed shots, blows to inanimate objects, and confused looks, the party overcame the orcs and moved forward into the room.

It is here that our journey was left, what more difficulties await the tired adventurers? How much is still waiting for them?

We will find out when we meet, back in the Underdark… 

Tutorial Dungeon Continued

On Saturday we held our first gameplay!

Our adventurers arrived at The Manticore's End, a mercenary guild in the small village of Toran. It is here that they first interacted with each other and met Wolf, a ranked member of the guild who was to show them the ropes.

After a days travel they arrived to a small cave where they were charged with "taking care of any issues." Right off the bat they were met with resistance; kobolds, troglodytes, and magical snares, to which they lost one of their members.

Having cleared five rooms and exhausting their resources, they hunkered down for the night in order to recuperate and reorganize. On the morrow they will push out into the caves once more.

Please remember to send me your characters name so that I may make some cards for my own organization.

I will see you in the Underdark…

Tutorial Dungeon Pt. 1

On Saturday we figured some things out:

D&D 5e

lvl 1 start

I will be running a tutorial dungeon

Doug will be taking over as our first DM! thank you Doug!

For right now our meetups will be weekly

If you wish to build your character before Saturday feel free to, but we will have some time dedicated to assisting anyone who has questions concerning the system and general mechanics. I encourage anyone who wants to discuss their builds beforehand to use our discussion tools.

So that I may adequately set the scene and prep the sorry, please send me your characters backstory prior to the session. Be sure to include their motivations for joining a merc organization.

Thank you to everyone who showed up as well as those who still hold interest! I am very happy that this has taken off so well and I look forward to seeing where this all goes!


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