Rise of the Manticore's End

The Chaos in Mystery

Our crew welcomes a new member into its ranks while celebrating the return of an old friend.

After their debacle with the mayor and guards of Dragon's Breath the previous night, the company gathered together for a regrouping breakfast.

Walking down the stairs, surprising each other, the group rejoiced in the appearance of their wizard. They spent some time saying catching H.P. up on their latest encounter with the hill gianttrolldragon and goblins. Having heard rumors of trouble along the east road, H.P. was glad to hear the group was solving the issue, not causing it.

A halfling happened to be dropping some eaves (shout out to any LOTR fans) and saw a chance to sate her wanderlust. Arry approached the party, excited at not only the aspect of seeing new and wonderful places and creatures, but also maybe getting some money out of it. The group, not knowing how to say no to a new face, welcomed her into their growing entourage.

While the members of the group were conversing and sharing stories, Dovahkiin The Yellow-Panted, sought his prey. Courageously staying at the table within clear sight of his target, he shifted into a small blue mouse to sneak back and earn some free food. But alas, the bartender's keen eye saw the blatant display and spent no time removing the mouse from the establishment. Unpleased, he scurried off to seek indirect vengeance and maybe even a paycheck. After creeping into the mayors office he returned to his true form and demanded a job! The mayor, unimpressed by the lackluster display, demanded that he take his leave. Sir Yellow-Pants would not suffer this affront unopposed and changed again, but now into a blue wolf. Remember kids, if you're going to do anything, do it with a theme. Staring the mayor in the eye, he tried his hardest to vomit on the rug. Yet, much like any other dog hacking on the carpet, he was thrown outside.

The group decided it would be best to return to Toran and The Manticore's End to find work and to check in. Along the way, H.P. tried without success to identify a glass orb shown to him by Shadow. Jorn also took some time with H.P. to discuss his absence and to make sure they were on the right page.

Upon entry into Toran, H.P. was met with an unwelcome sight. Not eighty feet past The End stood a cloaked figure sparking fear into his otherwise fearless persona.

Shadow experienced some fear herself as she was met with the wrathful gaze of Captain Skree. Enduring his lecture the party moved on to discover that an 'old' enemy had returned angrily. The black dragon from their very first dungeon was assailing Toran and from the note it sounds as though it may have rallied goblins to its aid.

As evening fell they decided it best to head out in the morning when they were better rested and prepared. Lerissa however, decided that this was a good time to toss her bedding around and wake everyone back up. When they settled down again she triggered a trap and they awoke to her smoldering (though still alive) body at the foot of the stairs. Seeing this as a prime time to upshow her, Aeron ran up to Captain Skree's door with his theive's tools only to be sent flying down the same set of stairs in the same fashion.

After an extended rest to allow their rogues to fully recover, they prepare for what the new day will bring them.


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