Rise of the Manticore's End

Strange New Faces

Taking the wheel this Saturday was Doug, our second DM so far.

With Doug's role change, Marukar decided it was time to travel, see new places, beat new and interesting people, and he set forth from Toran. Curious about his sudden wanderlust, several members of The Manticore's End set off after him. Jorn, H.P., and Lerissa were all tagging along for some new adventure. These acquaintances of old were joined by some interesting characters on their way out of town.

Shadow and Aeron, two shady members of the End showed keen interest in joining the party, though their intentions have not yet been revealed. One likes to look you in the eye with a devilish grin while she spins sweet words. While the other seems bent on more monetary matters, preferring subtlety and darkness.

Where ale flows you are sure to find Fàngqì and Alron. An old drinking buddy of Marukar's, Fàngqì is quite the little sight. Standing only four and half feet tall, this wood elf is never without his trusty ale jug. Aside from his size and manner, his face is noticeable, two brands scar his cheeks, an X on one and an O on the other. The archer Alron, another member of the End, a fighter with unknown and undiscerning intent. Does he seek riches, women, glory, or merely some cheap ale?

(I apologize for this one as I have forgotten our druid's name) The final addition to group was one brought along by H.P. Manchester. After his near death experience, H.P. has taken great interest in nature and to aid his new approach to life he sought out someone capable and willing to join on his quest. He soon found a dragonborn druid who seemed to fit the bill. A fairly quiet member so far, the blueborn has not shy'd away from the group just yet.

Upon reaching the port town of Dragons Breath (if i recall the name correctly) Marukar bid his farewell to the group. Without their point of commonality, division happened suddenly. Some of the group followed H.P. as he ventured into the city, the rest followed Fàngqì to a local tavern to…resupply.

By the Gods if something divine didn't strike to steer the wayward wanderers back together! Just as though there were some great mastermind weaving a tale, both groups were informed of a money making opportunity. 

After speaking with the mayor (and an unforeseeable incident involving the guide) the group set off to help civilians trapped by a cave-in. Upon reaching the site, they were greeted and informed of the situation by a young child.

VIP at the site was a wizard (whose name I do not know how to spell) with whom H.P. sought words and potentially a magical opportunity. While they talked H.P. became suspicious, the wizard's eyes darted and body fidgeted, clearly uncomfortable with any uncommon questions or prying thoughts. It seems that the wizard had hidden intentions, for which he would pay the group to aid him with.

Excited by the thought of further riches, the group agreed. They helped rescue the villagers in order to satisfy their deal with the mayor. In doing so they discovered that one was injured, the rest had been eaten. Using this as a bargaining point, they got the wizard to offer an additional stipend for dealing with whatever creature delved below.

Once the villagers were gone and mayoral money paid, they slept the night away (in varying definitions) rested for the work the next day.

While digging in search for the wizard's coveted artifact, they discovered a small hole. Inside was a large sculpted room with none other than a Biter laying inside. The group then fought the Biter and its brood, the battle not terribly dangerous but a fight none the same.

Checking in with the wizard, they discovered that this room was even better than the artifact itself! He paid them for their services and they left the ordeal with plenty of well-earned ale money.


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