Rise of the Manticore's End

Some Roads Charge a Giant Toll

Our ever changing crew of adventurers faced a new challenge.

After their encounter with the wizard and the tunnel collapse, they returned to Dragon's Breath for the night to rest. In the morning they lost track of the drunken duo, slightly thinning their ranks.

While on a shopping trip, some of the members were greeted by an exceptionally cheery face. Liana, an elven cleric, had left her home in the woods to pursue adventure to be a heroine to those in need. While tending to those who aided in the rescue efforts, she heard rumors about a mysterious group that arrived and drastically sped up progress. Excited that this was her start to the world of heroics she sought them out immediately.

Shadow, not yet ready to give up her skills as a street urchin, spent the morning seeing how her hand felt in other peoples' pockets. On her quest to find the Everfull Coinpurse, she overheard that the west road was experiences some difficulties. Gathering themselves and their new friend, they set off to find out how they could make money off this disturbance, truly the most noble of intentions.

After some undesirable conversations with the militia and the mayor's office, they decided to handle the problem then see what money could be made.

The disturbance that they found turned out to be a large pile of wood, broken carts, barrels, wagons, and the like. Standing guard and demanding a toll was a hill giant and a few goblins. After a very brief talk, the group initiated warfare.

The goblins were quickly dealt with, but the giant proved to be superior prey. Members of the party were knocked unconscious repeatedly, Liana was truly their saving grace. Hurling boulders and swinging his tree, the giant fought the group to his bitter end. The party was fortunate enough to still be standing when the dust settled.

After some rage was let out (primarily to the giants neck region) the group freed a couple captives and earned themselves a healthy paycheck from some non-threatening burlap sacks.


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