Rise of the Manticore's End

Wait...There Are More Orcs?

Our misfits find themselves waking from a well-earned rest. They regroup and begin moving toward their objective: eliminate the orcs. Their plans though seem more difficult to accomplish than they anticipated.

Since they are unaware as to the location of the orc camp, they find themselves wandering through the wilderness. During their lost adventures, a few things happen: some shit went down with the elves (abrupt and unfriendly chat), an orc attack, and Tristan finding a friend.

Tristan’s friend was a wild mountain lion. While searching for a dry place before continuing their goal, they found a cave occupied by an unfriendly and rather large kitty. Tristan, pulling out his best ‘friend of the forest critters’ act, managed to calm the beast enough to let the party rest for a moment before moving on.

Their prolonged search proved unsuccessful so they moved on towards the city of Sunscradle in the south. Once there they seek to find aid in their quest and who know what else they will find in a big city. However, the journey was longer than anticipated and they tried to push themselves but ended up collapsing from exhaustion. They reluctantly set up camp….


SamOwens SamOwens

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