Rise of the Manticore's End

Moving Forward

The dread morning has come to pass. Each party carried with it some hazard from the night before. Some tribulations are more easily overcome than others however.

Lerissa, Aeron, and Liana were able to deal with their illness and issues quickly and set upon getting back to camp and seeing what they could do to retrieve their spelunking allies. 

Those in the depths awoke to a more solemn fate. They lifted the fallen Shadow onto H.P.'s floating disc and made their way out of the cave. To further their emotional trauma, the cave brought them to the epicenter of last nights slaughter. The bodies of thousands of goblins lay before them. Their bodies mangled and strewn across the landscape in some twisted tapestry of gore. Steeling their nerve, the party moved through the sea of the slain and made their way back to camp.

Upon reaching camp they quickly rejoined with their allies and sought clerics for Shadow. Jorn put up the money for a resurrection and they waited.

While most waited near the medic tent, H.P. sought out Fredrick to anally… to meticulously brush and care for his donkey, seeking to distract himself from last nights events. The stables had different plans in mind, as when he entered, Fredrick already had a visitor. Wearing a dark cloak and his signature grin, H.P.'s stalker had decided to stop flirting with the shadows and come to light.

Shadow emerged from the tent awkwardly, seeming not used to being alive again. They then went and found H.P. and the unfortunate fate of the stable boy.

They watched and attempted to acquire some explosives that were being delivered into the cave but were unable to attain possession. They assisted in the camp's disassembly and went to the goblin fields to invest the strange statement that a good portion of the goblins were unarmed. It seems that what was left of the goblins was picked clean and the headed back to Toran.

They celebrated and drank a few too many before retiring for the night (some took a more winding and flirtatious path but that is neither here nor there). In the morning they sought assignment to which there were none. Skree called Shadow to his office for words and now the group waits, alert for what may come next.


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