Rise of the Manticore's End

Joyous Coincidences

The two groups, once separated but now rejoined. Friendships of old rekindled, new meetings forged and general mirth shared with sprinklings of merriment. Coming to the high-class/high-strung metropolis of Sunscradle, The parties move to get resupplied and look for something to occupy their time while they recuperate.

Utilizing some shady contacts and even shadier diplomacy, they manage to locate the whereabouts of an uncover fisticuffs contest. While most of the enlarged party is excited by the prospect, two members do not attend (one took too kindly to her alcohol and another sought a free room for the night courtesy of the local paladin guard).

Arriving at the shady location to conduct shady dealings with other shady people, our shady adventurers/misfits joined the festivities. Some partook in the brutal displays, while others merely saw fit to bet on who was the better brute. The organizers quickly noticed that a surplus of wealth had impacted the system and quickly put a cap to all bets.

The group had a good few days of revelry and they ready for their next cause…


SamOwens SamOwens

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