Rise of the Manticore's End


The party continues on after their fight with the shambling mound. Anxious to end their task so that they may return to the encampment and rest, they actively search for their next objective.

Scouring the dungeon in its entirety (at least what they can access) they determined that their next course of action is to investigate the well. Using all of their rope, they still could not reach nor even see the bottom.

Using a bit of magic, H.P. was able to relocate a few of the team down into the waters below. However, the party chose its delvers poorly and as soon as some of their…denser allies touched the water they sank like stones. Tiring of watching his teammates nearly drowning, H.P. summoned a floating disc which they were able to hold onto and swim about with.

The ones left above decided to spend their time searching the dungeon once more. They came upon a room that the rest of the party seemed to ignore. The room was colorful and the myriad of mushrooms which lived there lit it with a soft blue/purple hue. Aaron spied a body amid the mushrooms and quickly went to acquire any assets it may have held. Walking through the mushrooms proved to be a rough decision however as shortly after he began to throw up and his limbs went limp. Quickly Liana worked to get him out of there and back to fighting shape.

In the depths things were not so easy. The need to find an exit was soon becoming dire and the group had still seen no glimpse of shore. Fortunately H.P.'s owl companion saw light below the surface of the water and an end to their watery prison. The path to the light was long and the delvers were not so good at swimming. Jorn, Vovoc, and Shadow all passed out from lack of oxygen. Tristan, mighty warrior that he is was able to dive in and retrieve his comrades. Shadow did not wake up.

Is this Shadow's inevitable end? Is this tunnel the parties salvation or just another death sentence? Will the group complete their task? Do they even remember what it is?


SamOwens SamOwens

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