Rise of the Manticore's End

Arry vs. The Party

Rested and recovered from their encounter with the currently undefeated door, the party runs a few errands before heading off in search of their quarry.

As they approach the cave entrance they find an encamped army surrounding it, the army drafted by Captain Skree. After being backed by an old….friend?.. they are permitted into the camp to discuss plans with Skree.

While Jorn solely attends the planning meeting, the rest of the group tried their best to get in some form of trouble, excluding Lerissa and Arry who decided it would be way more fun to play with Mr. Nibbles.

Dovhakiin went in search of Wolf due do his recent obsession with acquiring one of his own. During their brief talk the dragonborn made a rather large creep of himself, had his life threatened, then handed out some money and left. Truly a tale for the ages.

The party regrouped and Jorn relayed Skree's battle plans, the group was to infiltrate the cave during the night, kill anything they found inside, then seal it once and for all.

As they entered the cave, they noted some small differences from the last time they were hear, doors smashed open, bodies plastering the walls and ceilings, you know…just small things.

They entered the alchemist's workshop which had been torn to pieces, the shelves and table destroyed, but an old nemesis awaited them. The mirror from Hell stood unmarred on the wall of the room. The woman's laughter penetrated the minds of those she recognized, H.P. and Jorn. The party attempted to move on past her when three of their members were taken from their own minds. They were able to snap Tristan, the giant, and Shadow out of their trance. Little Arry however, proved a greater challenge.

As though she was hellbent on making her way into that mirror she persevered ever forward. Her mind completely captivated by the mirror's call, she deftly eluded and outmaneuvered her teammates, Even Tristan and Jorn could not contain her for long. Eventually Tristan, growing tired of playing "catch the halfling" punched her right in the face attempting to shake her trance. Coming to, Arry scowled at Tristan and kept her distance.

Following a rather distinct blood trail, the group moved deeper into the cave, heading straight toward the dragon's previous lair. Upon entering, they found no dragon and the blood trail lead to a large well, the party could track no more.

While discussing rope quantities, Lerissa became aware of something approaching. Shushing the party, the turned and watched the creature approach. The size of it was larger than even Tristan, towering above the giant it was slightly larger than the dragon itself. It slowly moved closer to the party as they tried to decide what to do. Its body looked to be made of some dark and dense ooze. The party, unable to make a timely decision, was attacked by the shambling mound, making their decision for them.

The battle was long and arduous. The monster appeared to be unaffected by the spells H.P. threw into it and it even swallowed Tristan into itself crushing him repeatedly. The creature was even seen to regenerate its wounds when in contact with electricity. Finally, a last shot from Arry broke the magic that held the ooze together and it fell harmlessly to the ground, freeing Tristan.

The party now sits exhausted in the caves, pondering their next move.


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